Start The Year Fresh with These Cleaning Tips

A new year brings a fresh start! We all have this urge to start the year off right. At Chem-Dry of Summerville we understand how important resolutions are whether it be a new workout routine, going sky diving or even keeping the house clean. We may not be able to give your health tips or help you jump out of a perfectly good airplane but we can give you words of wisdom when it comes to efficiently cleaning your home. Use these tips effectively clean your home & keep it that way.



Mold Prevention

Start off 2015 the right way… with a clean and tidy home! There’s no better way to ensure a healthy and happy family than with a residency that is well maintained and free of clutter, mold, and any other contaminates. For deep cleaning & remediation call Chem-Dry of Summerville today 843-419-8742.

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